Welcome to the other side of 45 aka OSOFF!  It’s about enjoying the fabulous life on the other side of 45 which I am currently enduring.  Whether it’s travel, cruising, fitness or new healthy trends that you like, I will share a bit of it all to enjoy.

Who am I…just Joy…I love good wine, travel, and the company of my circle of friends.  I love the sea, white sands, cruising and scuba diving with my fellow Pisces family of the sea.

I love my life with my wonderful husband that’s from the Virgin Islands (VI), my own personal “Winston” and a successful career.  I enjoy visiting my wonderful in-laws in the VI and I have 3 fur babies, 2 Ragdoll and an exotic mix cat.  No, I’m not a crazy cat lady…I just love my seal marked fur babies.

I grew up in Ohio and now just outside of Charlotte, NC. When I graduated from college I packed up and moved to Charlotte to hit the pavement to find a job.  With the support of my mother, I stayed at the YWCA until I found  employment and an apartment. I set a goal of 2 months to find a job and I achieved that goal before my deadline. As I could share much about this part of the journey of my life…I’d like to share the essence of now.

I am someone who wants to live life to the fullest and want it for others too. A woman who tends to be honest, a risk taker and who by nature tries to do the right thing everyday.  An individual who is selfless and hopes for the best in others.

I plan regular girls trips and after work get togethers with my circle of friends. I love drinking good wine and have taken several wine classes.  Scuba diving is my Zen and I don’t get to engage in the love of that hobby enough…

I look forward to sharing with you and reading your contributions!

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This is me!

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