A day in Charleston, SC…a jewel of the South

Whether you are a historian, beachcomber, eclectic art fan, or a foodie, Charleston, SC is a great place to visit.  My husband and I try to visit Charleston 1-2 times a year.  It’s only about a 3 ½ hour drive for us from Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are big foodies and like to try new places so we often look at places featured on The Food Network and OpenTable.com.  However, we do have a few favorites like Toast for breakfast, Blossom for lunch or dinner and Barsa is a great tapas bar.

We always walk the streets of the Battery, waterfront and of course the Market.   It’s amazing to see all of the wonderful plantation style homes and the incredible architecture.  There are several tours you should take advantage of while visiting.  There are several horse and carriage tours and we typically take the Red Barn horse tours.  They rotate the routes so it’s possible you will never go on the same route twice. The tour guides are great, very knowledgeable and sometimes entertaining.

There are several beaches and small islands in the area for a great escape from downtown.  We typically don’t get away from the downtown area to hangout and enjoy.  Since my husband is from the USVI, we don’t typically spend time on the beach on the Atlantic coast and definitely don’t get in the water.  Of course, I used to when I was younger and traveled to the North and Carolina beaches from Ohio.  But, ever since I experienced the Caribbean, thanks to my husband, I know refer to the coast as he does, “ dutty wata”.

So, enjoy some of the sites we observed on one of our trips.


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