Arizona – Reflections of nature

A few years ago, I was selected to attend a leadership conference in Phoenix, AZ which allowed my husband and I a nice long weekend away.  The venue was perfectly set at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa located on the north side of town.  On the resort, there were pools that connected by narrow streams of water.  There were also several fire pits placed around for social settings which is perfect for taking in the beauty of the resort and enjoying a cool Arizona evening. Each restaurant had its own unique theme of food and décor, which was very suiting for the occasion.

The part of the scenery I appreciated the most was the nature around me.  There was so many different types of flowers, trees, and wildlife all in view.  Some of wildlife I’ve never seen in person this close.  Be sure to check out the shots of the owls. It was all very picturesque.

While I was there I took advantage of opportunities to seize the beauty of the environment.  Enjoy the photos I captured during my brief stay in Arizona.

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