Circle of Friends

Just coming off my latest girls’ trip always makes me want to “preach” to other women about the importance of spending good quality time with close friends.

When we get to this point in our lives we begin to share the many experiences we have as women. We inquire with each other to level set and gain reassurance that we are not alone.

Here’s an example…when you find that close circle of friends it allows you to feel comfortable with conversations about changes to your body when you are over 40.  The relationship amongst your close friends is a level of connectedness much different but similar to some familial ties.  For instance, waking up one morning with a pain in your ankle and having it swell when all you recall doing is to sleep.  Or sharing that when you laughed so hard you pee a little in your pants. Or the fact that you can’t go to the ‘bathroom’ until everyone has left the condo.  Although these may be topics you may discuss with your mother, your friends will relate, help, laugh and embrace whatever it is you are going through.

Now, there are friends that you spend time with at different times for different things. There are friends that you may shop with, go to the movies, invite over to watch tv or a movie, have as part of book club, travel with and so on.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t include one or two of them every once in a while, to hang out with your circle of friends. Some of these friends you may not communicate with often but you can reconnect with them quickly when one of you reaches out. Your circle of friends can fit into any of the above categories but the “circle of friends” are constant.

You go through life meeting a lot of different people who serve different purposes during different stages of your life.  At some point you identify through spending time, asking questions and understanding these individuals, those that become your circle of friends…the ones that you will love for life.

That’s all for now from OSOFF…

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