A couple stops in Spain – Madrid – The food

My husband and I started out a 16 day vacation in the Western Mediterranean for our 10 year Anniversary. 2 years ago was our 1st trip to Barcelona and we fell in love with the place! So, we are going back but decided to take a quick trip to Madrid 1st.

Our 1st night we went on a tapas and wine tasting walking tour. This is a good way to get our bearings in new locations in addition to discovering good places to eat recommended by locals. Whenever we travel we seek out local foods and activity so that we can experience the culture.

El Fontan was one of the stops on the tour. We tried everything from Spanish style tuna salad to potatoes with all types of toppings, croquettes, codfish dishes and more. Everything was really good and the service was great. We ended up revisiting on our own and enjoying more tapas and wine.

The last stop has the best shrimp and garlic dish, La casa del Abuelo. It’s a little quaint spot that’s off the beaten path. You stand at small eating stations. The shrimp comes out boiling in a clay ramekin.

Last but not least we ate at the oldest restaurant in the world according to Guinness book of World records, Botin. Here you can order a whole sucking pig but I recommend you are in a group. No worries, you can order individual portions. I got the pig and hubby got the baby lamb. It’s quite the dining experience and the food is delicious!

Garlic shrimp
Crema Catalana

Baby lamb

Suckling pig

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