Other Side of 45…time moves quickly

Remember when you were young and you thought time moved so slowly and it would take forever to grow up?  Now you’re on the other side of 45 and time moves quickly and you long for it to slow down.  You realize you have lived at least half your life and you wonder what it will take to make the most of the 2nd half.  You are much wiser in that 2nd half but not as able and if you’re smart you have learned to adjust and make the most so that you can be as able as you can be at this point in your life.

I went to lunch with one of my oldest and closest friends and we pondered a bit on what is next for us to make the most of the rest of our lives…not that we haven’t been blessed and had wonderful experiences thus far.  We both love to travel and love and appreciate other cultures and we often think about living abroad. We both realize we need to start taking action on things we want to do with our lives.  It could be as simple as volunteering, taking dance lessons or picking up a hobby that we want to take on long term.  There’s always the thought of “what do I want my ‘retirement’ job to be”.  

Just so you all know…these thoughts are totally normal at this stage in your life. 



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